Aspartame Alert

Published: Jun 5, 2012 by lisaleleu Filed under: Lisa Leleu Highlights Toxins

Artificial sweeteners are in over 6000 products worldwide and you may not even realize you or your children are eating them. Read on… I thought I was staying clear of Aspartame but then I realized it was in my “Oh, so natural looking” Ricola Cough Drops! - Excuse me Monsanto (the manufacturer of Aspartame), I’ll drink my tea with honey and you can keep your Rumsfeld Disease causing artificial sweeteners!  And dear Ricola, I can't believe you tricked me into believing I was buying a clean and natural Swiss product! Your packaging looked so healthy and I trusted you for years. I’ll never buy your products again!!! I’ll find alternative products from smaller companies who care. I also discovered that Aspartame was in my children’s vitamins! I returned both the vitamins and the cough drops to Costco and got my money back - Ha! I’m not letting those toxic buggers get to me and especially my children.