Donald Rumsfeld&Aspartame Scandal

Danger of Artificial Sweeteners

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Pepsi and Searle are great examples of how Rumsfeld and his cronies interact for favor and access. Pepsi CEO Donald Kendall achieved unprecedented access to Nixon- even during the Watergate scandal. Rumsfeld was part of the Nixon staff and, when Ford lost, left politics to become CEO of Searle.During his time as Searle CEO, Rumsfeld simultaneously became part of Reagan's transition team and shoved Searle-patented aspartame through Reagan's FDA. When people started getting sick from aspartame, Pepsi came through with a big favor.Check out this website for further information. Source: you should know, read labels and learn all the variations and different wordings for Aspartame such as, Nutri-sweet and other artificial sweetners.You can even write the FDA and ask them, Why did they allow this product into market when they knew full well that it is a highly toxic chemical, such as fluoride ( fluorosilicic acid - true name) Know the Truth. Chemists know the toxicity. Even fluoride is not allowed to be dumped into lakes, water ways etc, but it's allowed in our drinking water? Not considered Toxic AFTER human consumption and disposal through the body? Are we garbage disposal systems for them now or what??



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