Follow your own path to Wellness with Michael Lamitola

Speciality: Weight Loss, Stress Management, Cholesterol Control, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Increased Energy
The human body is in a constant state of regulation, balance and repair. Given the proper tools your body will heal itself

After spending the last 12 years working as a business professional in an office environment I noticed a common theme. Myself and everyone else I worked with all had our own health concerns. Whether it was stress, lack of energy, maintaining a healthy weight, finding time to exercise, balancing work with family life, high cholesterol, blood pressure, the list goes on. Outside of work I started to notice the same was true with family, friends and other people that were close to me.

While nutrition and health were always something that I valued, it wasn’t long before it became a passion that I felt I needed to follow in order to help myself as well as others. Health is something that affects us all and unfortunately it is sometimes the first thing to be neglected when we get overwhelmed with life. Nutrition and health can be very confusing these days because of what we learn through various sources of media and what we find available at the grocery store. As a health coach my goal is to help eliminate the confusion and support my clients to reach their health goals and live a happy, healthy life.

When I’m not working with clients or trying to decipher the newest health fad, I can usually be found outside hiking with my wife and our two dogs, running, playing music or enjoying time with family and friends.

Partnering with a physician has given me the opportunity to work with some incredible people with a wide range of health concerns. The use of Real, Whole Foods to create healing is as ancient a practice as human existence. It's nothing short of amazing what my clients are able to achieve after discovering complementary dietary and lifestyle changes.
When I started with Mike, I wasn’t sure exactly what I expected, but knew I needed to get healthy. I set some personal goals, and although they seemed lofty, I hoped for the best. I wanted the transition from eating prepared, packaged food to eating whole foods to feel natural, and wanted my mental transition to feel seamless. After the first week or two, I began to feel more confident in making healthful choices, and felt much less stressed about “messing up”. Mike has debunked myths I’ve been living by my entire life, and shared information in such a way that makes it easy to learn. My goals no longer feel too lofty, in fact, I’m close to many of them, and look forward to taking it to the next level. Thanks Mike for teaching me things I can easily incorporate into my life. A few basic principles go a long way!
I am amazed at the things I have learned in the past 3 months. Never in my life did I see myself shopping for ginger root, tempeh, or red chard. Even more amazing is that I’m now eating and liking all of those things, and so many more I never knew existed. Diet Dr. Pepper, pizza, and white bread were my staples prior to learning about whole eating from Michael. Thanks for opening my eyes to our new normal: healthful, whole foods that satisfy.
From the very first time I met Mike, I knew that his character exuded integrity. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with Mike because he could turn difficult circumstances into a fun, yet rewarding challenge. When I found out he was a musician, and saw his group perform, I then understood how he could cognitively embrace any issue and formulate an astute professional resolution. Mike now embraces and utilizes those cultivated skills to help others. From his developed passion to promote wellness through nutrition, he formulates and promotes the health and appreciation of his clients body and sole. Thanks Mike for this experience.
Glen Williamson
What Michael Lamitola can do for you

Mike will guide you to find your own healthy balance. While understanding that everyone has different needs and taste's for different foods and lifestyle, you will be given the unique opportunity to follow your own path to wellness. By incorporating small, step by step adjusments at a comfortable pace, you will begin to experience positive changes immediately.

Your program with Michael Lamitola includes
  • 2 one hour phone or Skype sessions per month
  • Email support throughout sessions
  • Quick, Easy to prepare recipes and meal ideas
  • Motivational and emotional support
  • Delicous foods and spices to add to support specific health concerns
  • The tools to continue your path to wellness for the rest of your life