About me

Lisa Leleu
My name is Lisa Leleu and if you asked me 10 years ago, I would tell you that I am an artist, creator of children’s toys and designer of consumer goods products and packaging, some of which unfortunately included junk food. M&M’s decorated my office and those colorful crunchy candies were just too tempting to pass by without eating a mouthful. Stress and poor diet took hold in my 30’s and early 40’s while raising my children and running my business. Canned foods and packaged frozen meals filled my shelves while debilitating migraines worsened. Doctor visits, insurance bills and prescription drugs increased. Life was a roller coaster of highs and lows. I needed balance but I couldn’t find it because I didn’t have time to pay attention. Great sadness and pain approached when my best friend was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer and within two months she was gone. I was devastated, depressed and hopeless.

If you ask me who I am today, I’d tell you I am a health conscious mom who has fired her neurologist after discovering the real cause of her migraines and learning how to prevent them. I have jumped off the roller coaster to find balance and good health for myself and my family. I am a proud “Mom Doctor” in training, learning to build my children’s immune systems and prevent disease for their future and their children’s future. I am a nutritional adviser to my husband and children. I am a chef, discovering foods that I’ve never eaten before and inventing new recipes that cleanse and heal the body. I am a food detective, reading labels and banning foods from my cupboards. I am a skeptic of food manufacturers and government organizations that allow toxic and deadly ingredients to poison our foods. I’m a farm girl, I joined a local coop to get organically grown, seasonal vegetables. I purchase all my meats from local farms that raise animals in pastures and care for them lovingly. I’m feeling healthier than ever! I am somebody I never thought I could be. I never thought I could ever stop eating occasional Tastykakes, Snickers bars, Hobnobs, Mickie D kids meals or Dairy Queen hot fudge sundaes with peanuts on top. But here I am a food revolutionist and loving every moment of my new found life! I am currently studying in the world’s largest nutrition school, The Institute of Integral Nutrition in New York City and excited about finding create ways to build awareness and help America get well!

Western culture is making us sick. It made me sick with migraines from flavor enhancers in foods and then even sicker with prescription pain relievers which could cause me to have a stroke. Through my continuous research, I have learned that flavor enhancers come in over 40 different ingredient names and they include the same toxic amino acid called Glutamate which is in MSG – Monosodium Glutamate. This amino acid is considered one of the deadly “Excitotoxins”, known as “The Taste that Kills” according to neurologist Dr. Blaylock. There are 3 known Excitotoxins, MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate, a flavor enhancer), Aspartame (an Artificial Sweeteners) and L-Cysteine (an amino acid used in Baby Formulas).

There are a growing number of clinicians and scientists who are convinced that this group of compounds called excitotoxins play a critical role in the development of several neurological disorders including migraines, seizures, infections, abnormal neural development, certain endocrine disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, learning disorders in children, AIDS dementia, episodic violence, lyme borreliosis, hepatic encephalopathy, specific types of obesity, and especially the neurodegenerative diseases, such as ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and olivopontocerebellar degeneration.1

An enormous amount of both clinical and experimental evidence has accumulated over the past decade supporting this basic premise. Yet, the FDA still refuses to recognize the immediate and long term danger to the public caused by the practice of allowing various excitotoxins to be added to the food supply. The amount of these neurotoxins added to our food has increased enormously since their first introduction. For example, since 1948 the amount of MSG added to foods has doubled every decade. By 1972 262,000 metric tons were being added to foods. Over 800 million pounds of aspartame have been consumed in various products since it was first approved. Ironically, these food additives have nothing to do with preserving food or protecting its integrity. They are all used to alter the taste of food. MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and natural flavoring are used to enhance the taste of food so that it taste better. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener.

These toxins (excitotoxins) are not present in just a few foods, but rather in almost all processed foods. In many cases they are being added in disguised forms, such as natural flavoring, spices, carrageenan, yeast extract, textured protein, soy protein extract, etc. Experimentally, scientists know that when subtoxic levels of excitotoxins are given to animals in divided doses, they experience full toxicity, i.e. they are synergistic. Also, liquid forms of excitotoxins, as occurs in soups, gravies and diet soft drinks are more toxic than that added to solid foods. This is because they are more rapidly absorbed and reach higher blood levels.

I truly know first hand the negative effects of excitotoxins because each time I get a dose of them I experience extreme migraines and fatigue. For example, just last week I decided to try a sausage that I had purchased from a local farm which raises grass fed healthy animals. When I purchased it, I had no idea that they would put a food additive in it – Dextrose. Dextrose in creamers and in roasted chickens has always given me migraines in the past but I thought, let me just try it and see, maybe it won’t effect me because its such healthy meat. The next morning the migraine began and continued to get worse throughout the day. I was wiped out. This was another confirmation to me that Dextrose has MSG in its ingredients and its not for me!  Because of this, it is easy for me to believe that excitotoxins are very dangerous and causing many serious health conditions and diseases.

It is for this reason that I have been inspired to do everything I can to teach the youth the importance of eating whole and healthy foods and empower parents to do the same. I want my children to be able to live a long and healthy life and watch their children do the same.

Lets get well and stay well together!